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Website Technical Requirements

Supplier Computer Performance Recommendations

Cookie Requirements
Use of the Triumph Supply Source requires that you have COOKIES ENABLED in your browser settings and performs best using Internet Explorer version 8 or later.

Connectivity Recommendation
Listed below are the recommended requirements to establish connectivity and implement security to use the Supplier Portal. For more detailed information on connectivity, please see the Network Primer.

Category Recommended
Internet Connectivity 320K on-line connection per concurrent user
Security 128-bit secure encryption

Compatible Web Browsers
Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and higher

Additional Software Requirements
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Adobe Acrobat Reader
WinZip or comparable program to open zipped data files

If you need any assistance on the installation of any of these products, please consult with your technical support. If you experience any difficulty with the website, the webmasters will be happy to assist you.

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