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Frequently Asked Questions

Triumph Group has selected the Nadcap process to supplement our method of processor control. The following is a list of frequently asked questions about the program.

1. Why do I need to have NADCAP approval?

Triumph Group has concluded that the Nadcap process offers significant advantages, including improved quality by increasing overall processor performance, and, fewer redundant audits resulting in lower cost to the processor and Triumph Group.

2. If a processor obtains Nadcap accreditation does it follow that they will automatically have Triumph Group approval?

No. Nadcap accreditation for the processes shown in the Triumph Approved Special Processor List (ASPL) on the Triumph Supplier Portal is a pre-requisite for approval and an essential part of the overall processor approval method used by Triumph Group. Triumph Group approval will be based on overall processor performance and the business need for the processor.

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